RN:  140022004

EEP6 C2D2 4-4

Diana:  Had my eyes on this girl from day 1 in the crate.  So neatly put together and so functional.  Squared up in hips and knees to the ground just like her sire and brings in the power and bone that King Indy possesses.  Her dam has had 2 champion and 1 reserve champion in her 2 litters that have hit the ground.  Great color, great disposition.  I am trying to think what to say about this sow, but all I can think is that she is one of my favorite gilts I have ever retained.  She just has great shape, power, very flexible, and reliable genetics all in one package. Crown Jewel:  His extremely square skeleton and big level square hip will push the pigs from this litter right into the champion ring.  This guy is going  to be an exciting addition to Diana’s set of genetics leading up to a litter with that WOW factor in it.  First of all he is sired by Family Jewels who tore up the Texas livestock circuit last year.  Then the mother of Crazy German is the same mother that produced Triple Threat (sire of Diana).  Last but not least…His littermate gilt was champion berk at the San Angelo gilt show.

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Bred to Crown Jewel

Farrow Date:   11 August



RN:  146979007

EEP7 Esther 2-7

Esther:  I knew this litter wow’d me from the time they hit the floor, but this gilt stood a notch above a very consistent, competitive litter and she finished a notch above her competition consistently throughout the entire show season.  Power, expression, extension, feet and bone right where they needed to be and walked with her head up from day one. The entire litter she came from took me to the bank in creep feed and she did not slow down a notch.  Just an amazing gilt with an amazing set of genetics behind her. Her first litter was very competitive and was very dependable in growth and maturity. High Horse:  I knew this girl could handle a strong, powerful, big boned, big bodied boar as a sow and after days and hours of searching and talking to experts in the berk field, this boar was a no brainer. Just look at his picture and it tells it all.  This boar should push Esther’s corners and tie in’s just a notch and that will be all it will take to have a crazy litter with very competitive pigs. Randy Shipley took half of his Berk Sow herd to this boar because he has this much confidence in this one boar making this big of an impact on the berk bred

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Bred to High Horse

Farrow Date:  8 Sep